Let’s Gym! And Lose Weight!

From an important lady in my life:-

It’s been one and a half year since i joined a fitness club. I have only one goal at first when i started out — that is to lose my post-pregnancy weight!

Now i have dropped 10kg of that belly fat and i am still going on with the gym. If you are like me, a working mom and have access to a fitness club, here’s some advice from me.

Firstly, do not set a goal that is too hard to achieve. Think how long have you gain your weight, then give yourself that much of time to lose it too. I told myself, i gained those pounds in 10 months, and i will use at least 10 months to drop those pounds too. See, i said “at least”. I did not say “i must”, cause we know losing weight is always harder than gaining weight.

Secondly, how often should you go for a gym? I set 3 times a week when i’m starting out. Then slowly i try to make it to 5 times a week. It’s lucky for me that my office located next to a shopping complex that has a fitness center. So i used my lunch hour to go gym and take light lunch after gym. Some people used to enjoy good food after exercise, and that is a big NO NO. Your body tend to get more from your food after your exercise, so be sure to eat something nutritious and will make you full.

Third, monitor your weight almost everyday if you are able to. It helps you to control your mind. But beware that sometimes it will hit bottleneck and the weight will just not go down. My advise is that you can change the way you used to exercise as our body tend to get use to the same exercise and you will need to work even harder for the same thing to get even better result. So, as i chose not to go even further on running, i changed to get my hands on the equipment a bit. Then later on, i changed to workout without equipment by following the guide in this Nike+ Training Club app. If you do not wish to install the app, you can also find out more about workout you can do from its official Nike Training Club website.

Forth, start with small goal. For example, start walking on treadmill for 30 minutes and increase the time and speed when you feel your body has started to cope up with the exercise. I personally took half year to be able to start jogging on treadmill at the speed of 6 (i think speed setting should be general across most treadmill). And the first time i jog, i can only jog for 2 minutes! And i’m out of breathe. After another few months, i am able to jog for about an hour (with speed 4 in the middle for 10 mins).

Fifth, if you are doing some exercise without equipment (e.g. squat, plank), make sure you feel the muscle pain in your body the next day after your workout. Else, for me it means that i did not do enough and the exercise i did the day before is wasted.

So, i guess that’s all i can share for now. I have to say I am not at perfect body figure, but my aim is for a longer term where i hope i can stay like age 40 when i am age 50. Go take your first step out to see the difference! Cheers!