Is it safe to treat? The principle of QiGong treatment

When it comes to qigong, more people may think of it as martial arts novels Admiralty, iron cloth swords and guns into the scene, in fact, China Qigong was originally used for physical fitness, self-cultivation of a method, many people will ask “Then does qigong cure?” “How does Qigong cure it?” Here, let us find out together the principle of qigong treatment.

Can QiGong Cure?

Yes! But not for all sickness.

Qigong healing principles

Qigong treatment is very extensive, but it can not be said to be “treatment”, but regulation. Is to adjust the overall function of the human body. After practice, blood is smooth, the body function balance, the disease is gone. This is like a healthy carrier, although there are a variety of bacteria in the body, because the body is very strong, the body is not a bit of bacteria will be sick, qigong treatment is the case.

Positive sense of qigong, is a scientific way to breathe, we take a deep breath first inhalation of fresh air, do not immediately exhaled, but let it in the body of natural circulation, with the coordination of the body movement, called the closed air. Until it can not help, only slowly out from the mouth, this is the process of luck. Practice qigong, is to practice the scientific method of breathing, to cure the new, metabolism, to maintain the normal functioning of the body function of the process. Interested people may wish to try this way, remember to try to breathe from the mouth of the mouth as much as possible, you can pinch the nose practice, or face immersed in water practice, in fact, diving is the best way to practice closed air, The longer the gas is more foot, the longer the skill! The more healthy the body!

Through the perseverance of the correct method of practice, to a certain time people can be issued outside the gas treatment, as the balloon charge to a certain limit will burst, the explosion process is issued outside the gas process, this gas field is very strong drops, Can help patients to clear the meridians, to achieve the purpose of treatment!

What are the Pros and Cons of Qigong Treatment?

Qigong in the adjustment of body balance, there is an important feature, is the “two-way adjustment”, which is qigong treatment and other treatment of the fundamental difference. In fact, the treatment is to adjust, high blood pressure to take blood pressure down, adjust to the high, low blood pressure to eat medicine, high blood pressure, not low; tachycardia, eat medicine is not fast, heart rate Too slow to eat medicine quickly, not slow, but also adjust. Drug adjustment is unidirectional. Qigong is not, high blood pressure practitioners practice, low blood pressure; low blood pressure, practice, high up, and are adjusted to the normal level, blood pressure is stable, and this is the particularity of qigong.

Need to pay attention to is that if you get a disease, and you practice qigong without stopping medication, even if you practice for a lifetime, you may also not get cured. Such as high blood pressure, the original high blood pressure 180mmHg, you take two tablets a day to make it 130mmHg, if you practice qigong, and every day to take medicine, no drugs, you practice more time, and after long, if you stop the drug, the blood pressure will still be high. What is the reason for this? Originally blood pressure 180mmHg, practicing qigong can lower blood pressure, but your medication flat it. Had a body inside the red power, with three drugs to pressure it down, and then practice, because the blood pressure is normal, a practice will not adjust it, so when the drug a stop, blood pressure immediately high Played, practicing qigong at the same time the drug stopped one by one, and slowly adjust that. If not engaged, it can also be very difficult.

Conclusion: Qigong in the final analysis is actually to make the body more healthy, you are healthy and naturally will not get sick, hope that the above content can make you have a better understanding of the qigong that cure.